We at Marlin Cove Resort invite you to turn your normal days into memorable ones. A busy bee like you deserves the best things in life. You don’t have to be in Paris or some other part of the world just to have a good time with your loved ones. Sometimes, all it needs is a trip to Cairns seasoned with everyone’s all-time favourite barbecue meals. Since our resort is complimented with a complete barbecue facility, we are inviting you to enjoy some good ol’ barbecue the next time you head out for Cairns.Here are some tips to help you get ready with your grilling pursuits:

Purchase Only Premium Meats Plus Your Favourite Sides
Don’t forget to drop by your favourite meat shop for your family’s favourite meats. Whether it’s chicken, steak, salmon, or burger patties, you are sure to have a great BBQ when you choose fresh, premium meats. Also toss in some potatoes, breads, and couscous, and ingredients to your marinade.

Marinate Your Meats Overnight
Of course, every grilling pro should know that the key to intense BBQ flavour lies in the marinade. So make sure to cure your meats with some marinade. Leave them soaked in marinade overnight.

Choosing Your Burner
Choose a charcoal burner with a lid. Keeping your burner lidded helps lock in all that rich flavour plus keeps the temperature constant. Another great tip is that if you’re cooking with a charcoal burner, wait for the coals to glow and turn gray. These indicate that your burner has reached its maximum temperature and that your meats are ready to grill.

The Right Tools
Since grilling is a tradition many families, it helps to invest in good tools, such as grills, gloves, apron, tongs, etc. For your pair of tongs, purchase one that allows you the most control to prevent you from accidentally dropping your meats straight into the coals.

Get ready to grill with your family at Marlin Cove Resort. Feel very much at home with your loved ones in any of our Trinity Beach Accommodation. Bask in the holiday air within our sprawling establishment and take full advantage of our complete guest amenities. You can begin your mornings with a refreshing dip in our sparkling lagoon-style pool and spa, relax your tired muscles in our sauna, practice your freestyling at our 15-metre lap pool, perfect your serve at our tennis court, and catch up on your favourite novels at our library. You may also approach our friendly tour desk staff for expert travel advice on everything Cairns.

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