Home to exciting festivals and major sporting events in the region, Cairns will once again be hosting the spectacular and exhilarating extreme sports event in the country, the BMX/BMX Australia National Series.

Bikers and BMX riders in the region and across Australia can grab the opportunity to earn the highly regarded title, the BMX/BMX Australia National Series champion.

Featuring several race opportunities for Challenge, Champbikx and Probikx riders, the BMX National Series will be another great way to kick off the year and lead up to the National Championships.

To be held on 13 to 15 March at Barlow Park, the BMX/BMX Australia National Series in Cairns will provide us with nine thrilling rounds of spectacular competitions that will take place across five tracks. Probikx Tour for Junior and Elite Men and Women draw in UCI classification which enables riders to accumulate points for world rankings and for Olympic selection.

The BMX/BMX Australia National Series in Cairns is featured through highlights packages and broadcast on Cycling Central – SBS. Earning the title as the National Series Champion is a highly prized achievement within the BMX Community.

This is also a great opportunity for visitors not only to enjoy the thrills and action-packed events and competitions but to explore the amazing sights and attractions of Cairns and the far north of Queensland and discover all the rare natural wonders in World-listed Heritage Sites around.

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