Cairns is more popularly known for being the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef where everyone can enjoy some of the most amazing and scenic dive sites in the world. More than the natural allure of the city, it also has a vibrant and exciting dining culture where you can have a taste of the most delightful culinary experiences.

Whether you’re frugal backpacker who’s always careful with his budget, a luxury traveller who’s always willing to splurge on food, or simply a holidaymaker who’s willing to try new tastes and food adventures in town, Cairns has something for everyone.

For those who kicks off their day with a cup of coffee, and for those who simply can’t survive their afternoon without giving into their caffeine addiction, Cairns also has the trendiest and interesting cafés and coffee shops that serve your favourite freshly brewed espresso or some flavourful latte, and many other coffee varieties that you can think of.

Located on Grafton Street, Caffiend has some of the best coffees in Cairns. Enjoy your mornings on the alleyway settings while having your favourite cup of coffee and admire the street art. Aside from coffee, everyone who’s dined in here also raves about their great brekkie including the Charlie the Unicorns Candy Mountain pancake stack, which has apple, banana, Belgium choc, strawberry, blueberry and lychee flavour pancakes topped with gelato, Persian fairy floss and popping candy.

A great breakfast spot on Spence Street, Bang and Grind offers all the delightful treats that will certainly start your day right. Among their most favourite specialties are the Egg Benedict, and you can also savour their butter milk pancakes with banana or for a healthier choice, you can have the avocado on Turkish. Of course, they also serve sensational coffee and you can pair your cup of coffee with heavenly chocolate cupcakes. You might also want to try their fruity smoothies.

Silk Caffe on Sheridan and Spence Streets is also a great spot to enjoy a cup of real smooth and silky coffee with a full-bodied flavour.

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Image Source : Bang & Grind