Australia's leading lndigenous arts and cultures exhibit will be once again bring more pride and glory to the wonderful indigenous groups that have built a solid and rich cultural foundation in the country.

Taking place on 24 to 27 July to be staged at the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, the Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair (CIAF) will be bring the finest artworks by many of the most talented many Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. The three-day exhibit will also serve as a venue to sell their pieces.

Celebrate and experience the wonders and diversity of Indigenous art in an ethical marketplace featuring both commercial art galleries as well as Indigenous art centres.

Now on its fifth year, the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair draws in more and more crowds every year which include arts enthusiasts and many others who have great appreciation of arts and culture. It is also the perfect occasion to be more familiarised with indigenous arts and cultures.

For this year, the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair will feature a daily programme of art displays, workshops, theatre performances, children’s activities and insightful discussions during the CIAF Symposium. Guests will also be given the opportunity to enjoy other exciting events during this three-day exhibit.

The workshops will be especially exciting and something for art enthusiasts to look forward to. You can expect to be enlightened by brilliant artists who will facilitate the workshops including Georgia Curry and Kelly Beckley from Hammond Island and Angela “Mahnah” Torenbeek from Moa Island.

There will also be exciting foodie adventure during the event at the Eat Street where you can taste a variety of delectable gastronomic delights while enjoying the art fair.

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Image Source : Cairns Indigenous Art Fair