If you happen to be in Cairns in September, don’t miss Cairns Amateurs. Imagine 4 days of fun, fashion, and racing built around 2 days of horse racing.

Designed to bring the city and country together, Cairns Amateurs has become one of Australia’s premier horse racing carnivals. Enjoy a host of social activities. Cairns Amateurs brings together the worlds of fashion and racing in one exquisite event.

Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival features a selection of events including The Cairns Amateurs Ball, Cairns Airport Ladies Fashion High Tea, Cairns Amateurs Fashions on the Field, Cairns Amateurs Aviary, Vodka Cruiser Lawn Party, The Reef Hotel Casino Presidents Welcome Cocktail Party, Cairns Amateurs Garden Party, and more.

Cairns Amateurs combines the excitement of racing and the glamour of fashion. Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival will be from September 6 to 7. It will be held in various venues in Cairns.

If you’re planning to attend the Cairns Amateurs Carnival, you may book your accommodation at our Cairns Beach Resort which is located in Cairns.

To learn more, go to www.cairnsamateurs.org.au

Image Source: Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival