Looking for an excuse to see all that Far North Queensland has to offer? The Eclipse 2012 festival is the perfect opportunity to undertake the great Australian road trip to Cairns. Travel from where you are, to where you'd rather be in a Standby Cars campervan. Rentals are currently available to and from the Eclipse 2012 festival for as little as $1 per day! All campervans come with a $350 – $500 fuel allowance depending on your original location.

The Eclipse 2012 festival is just around the corner, running from November 10-16. This event will host a huge amount of music, art, food and market stalls to celebrate a total solar eclipse happening early on the morning of the 14th. This eclipse is particularly significant as it occurs approximately one month before the end of the Mayan calendar, making this exciting period the experience of a lifetime

When travelling to Eclipse 2012, you have a lot of transport options to choose from. However, the freedom of a Standby Cars campervan is second to none. Explore the beauty of Far North Queensland beaches and rainforests as you make your way towards Cairns. Keep your plans flexible as you never know what you may find off the beaten track

The Trinity Beach Cairns Apartments are just a short drive from the Eclipse 2012 festival.

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Image Source: Standby Cars