Cairns Wildlife Dome brings the hidden depths of the rainforest right to the heart of Cairns city centre, just a short bus ride from our Trinity Beach accommodation.

The 20 metre glass dome is one of Cairns’ most iconic landmarks and stands on top of the famous Pullman Reef Hotel Casino in the city’s central business district. Venture inside and you’ll be greeted by the chirp of insects and the distinctive calls of parrots, cockatoos and doves, which flit freely from tree to tree all around you, and sometimes decide to hitch a ride on your shoulder!

This immersive wildlife experience is carefully constructed to represent the unique climate and ecology of the Cairns wet rainforest and features an impressive 3000 species of plant and 50,000 litres of water. You can peer at freshwater crocodiles via the underwater viewing tank, stroke a python, make friends with a koala and check out albino kookaburra Snowy, the only bird of his sort currently on display in Australia.

Wildlife Dome ticket prices include re-entry all day and for the next four days.

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