Meet Australia’s fascinating nocturnal wildlife, enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner and relax under the stars at the fantastic Cairns Night Zoo, not far from our Trinity Beach accommodation.

Your distinctly Aussie evening out starts at 7.00 pm with a hearty meal of barbecued prawns, chicken, steak, fish and fresh salads followed by dessert and washed down with complimentary wine, cool beer and soft drinks. Following your food, you will join with other intrepid explorers and venture into the zoo by torchlight, led by a friendly guide and wildlife expert. Here, you will come face to face with some of the country’s most famous night-time dwellers, including possums, crocodiles and owls.

If it’s a clear night, your guide will point out spectacular constellations in the night sky, including the famous Southern Cross and the Big Dipper. As a truly unforgettable evening draws to a close, the zoo’s very own friendly ‘Swaggie’ or bush man will introduce you to a gang of lively kangaroos and you will be treated to some steaming billy tea and delicious damper by the campfire.

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