The stunning region of Cairns is surrounded by mountainous landscapes that captivate so many visitors to explore its lush trails. Discover the greener side of Cairns as you take a stroll to the bushland and marvel at the breathtaking scenery of the rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and its flourishing wildlife and vegetation.

Here's a list of walking tracks in Cairns where families can spend a relaxing stroll, delightful picnic as well as birdwatching.

Crystal Cascades

Crystal Cascade is one of the most popular walking tracks in Cairns and its also considered as an easy range hiking trail. Guests will be able to enjoy a leisure stroll 1.2 kilometre paved path to the swift-flowing Freshwater Creek up a densely rainforested valley. Hikers will be able to see several tributary streams tumbling down the valley walls, rock pools down to the rapids in Freshwater Creek where visitors are allowed to swim or enjoy lunch at the nearby picnic facilities.

Black Mountain Road to Big Mowbray Falls

Guests from our Trinity Beach accommodation can also trek through the Black Mountain Road that leads up the falls. There are a couple of impressive lookout points just above the falls overlooking Mowbray Valley and a good view from the head of the falls. The walking track from Black Mountain Road to Big Mowbray Falls is of moderate range. The 6.5km return will take only about 2hrs walk.

Behana Gorge and Clam Shell Falls

Located within the Bellenden Ker National Park, the Behana Gorge and Clam Shell Falls offers visitors a panoramic view of the forest which is filled with a wide variety of vegetations including eucalypts and ferns. Hikers can also get a refreshing sight of the cascading Clam Shell Falls. The Behana Gorge and Clam Shell Falls is 6km return and considered as a moderate range hiking trail will approximately take about 2hrs walk. 

Misty Mountain and Cannabullen Trail

Visitors from our Cairns Beach resort can also hike through Misty Mountain and Cannabullen Trail where they can explore the trails leading through the ancient forests in the Tully Gorge and McNamee Tableland. You can pass through pockets of spectacular virgin rainforest. There is also an unnamed water falls along the Hinson Trailhead as well as a camp site where you can stop by for a quick lunch.

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