Take on a challenging events on one of the most popular sporting events there is in Cairns region. Swimmers, cyclists, runners and triathletes from all over can join in and test their skills, speed and stamina with this year's Cairns Esplanade Festival of Sports

At Marlin Cove Resort, we are very excited to welcome athletes as well as their families who will be taking part on the on this massive three day sporting event. Happening on 3-5 June 2011, the Cairns Esplanade Festival of Sport will feature multi-sport events such as marathon, swimming, cycling and triathlon. For several years now, the Festival of Sports has continued to grow as the community, businesses and athletes have shown their immense support for the annual sporting event. Last year’s Festival of Sports saw an estimated 700 athletes participating on the gruelling challenges. For this year’s up coming competition, organizers are expecting more athletes who will be taking part on this tremendous sporting event. 

Every type of athletes are very much welcomed to join in this year’s Cairns Esplanade Festival of Sports. Apart from the athletic events of the Festival, triathletes can also stop by The Challenge Cairns Sport & Lifestyle Expo. The Challenge Cairns Sport & Lifestyle Expo will also be held on 3-5 June 2011 near Fogarty Park. Participants and spectators alike from our Trinity Beach Cairns apartments can learn more about the new product line of their favourite sports apparel brands. The Sports and Lifestyle Expo showcases a vast array of new sporting gears and clothing that suits all kinds of athletes. The Challenge Cairns Sport & Lifestyle Expo will not only feature a selection of gear and clothing but will provide a assortment of tasty food and drink stalls that caters to both spectators and participants.

After a full day of sporting activities, participants from our Trinity Beach family accommodation can look forward on a restful evening at the their very own luxury apartments. Or better yet you can celebrate your triathlon achievements with family and friends at the Resort’s own bar and grill.

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