The vibrant city of Cairns is full of spectacular places to discover and exciting adventures to experience. It’s spectacular natural wonders and lively metropolis creates an exciting venue for an awesome holidays as well as incredible events such as this year’s much anticipated BMX National Championships.

Australia is home to numerous BMX clubs and associations. It is no wonder why most people look forward in this upcoming event. Taking place on 26th April to 1st May 2011 at Cairns BMX Club, holiday guests at our Cairns beach resort can get a quick access to all the happenings at the National Championships.

Our superb Trinity Beach accommodation at Marlin Cove Resort invites everyone to witness the thrilling rides and stunts from the best BMX riders in the country. The BMX National Championships will feature a number of events that will test the skills of every biking competitors. There will be Sprocket Clinics and races, graded practices, 3 motos as well as retro classes and demos. The championship events are open for both men and women from different age groups. Kids as young as five and adults ages thirty and above can all join in the competition. 

Aside from watching all the exciting action from the sidelines, holiday makers at our Trinity Beach family accommodation can also make their way to the magnificent places in Cairns. After watching the thrilling bike rides at the BMX Championships, you can also take heaps of exhilarating adventures as you visit the majestic rainforests in Cairns or you can perhaps dive in and take pleasure at the stunning Great Barrier Reef which is located within a few distance from Marlin Cove Resort.  

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