Cairns has been blessed with an abundance of majestic natural wonders surrounding the region. That’s why we at Marlin Cove Resort invite everyone to explore the spectacular backdrop of Cairns as we give present to you a short list of the best destinations for your exciting outdoor adventure.

Wild World The Tropical Zoo

Wild World the Tropical Zoo will certainly be an exciting trip especially for kids. This is where you can get up close to cuddly and otherwise creepy animals. A mere short drive from our Trinity Beach accommodation, you’ll have the feed a lorikeet or even cuddle a koala. You may also see various creatures such as salt water crocodiles, emus, cassowaries and many more.

World Heritage Rainforests at Daintree

The Daintree is a tropical rainforest located on the northern coast, north of Cairns. The most vast continuous area of tropical rainforest on the mainland, it is the most perfect setting for you to experience Australia’s flourishing ecosystem. Our Cairns holiday accommodation will bring you to the famous World Heritage Rainforests at Daintree. Holiday makers at our Trinity Beach family accommodation can trek or ride a 4WD as you explore the majestic rainforest.

The Great Barrier Reef

Explore the wonderful underwater eceological system at the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. Take pleasure as you dive in to the most spectacular dive site in all of Australia. The Great Barrier Reef Is made up of coral dating back twenty million years and host of plants and sea creatures, including turtles, anemones, mulluscs, and starfish. Guests at our Cairns beach resort will truly be enthralled with all the unique and very colourful corals and sea creatures that you can you’ll get to see while enjoying your diving expedition at the Great Barrier Reef.

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