Experience the wonderful underwater world at the magnificent Great Barrier Reef and its surrounding regions. Marlin Cove Resort invites vacationers to dive in and explore the rich and diverse local marine wildlife. For beginners, we at Marlin Cove Cairns beach resort have compiled a list of excellent dive sites suitable for newbie scuba divers:

Upolu Cay – Luggers Lagoon

Newbie divers at our Trinity Beach accommodation will be excited to discover a wide array of hard and soft corals as well as vibrantly coloured small and giant clams. Expect to find sea turtles, blue spotted rays and sea cucumbers.

Flynn Reef

As one of the most famous diving hub in the region, the Flynn Reef is home to some of the best dive sites such as Tennis Court, Gordon Mooring, Tracys Bommie and Coral Gardens. Divers, however, should be extra careful when diving at Flynn Reef since mild currents also occurs in the area. There are also various types of corals found in the reef as well as tropical fishes inhabiting in the corals.

Saxon Reef

A mere short boat ride away from our elegant Trinity Beach Cairns apartments, you’ll find the Saxon Reef. Expect to see gullies, swim-throughs, gutters and small caves on the reef. Divers may be able to spot some turtles, staghorn coral thickets, schools of fusiliers and damsels, giant clams, lionfish, pipefish, and moray eels.

Tounge Reef – Turtle Bay

The Tounge Reef and Turtle bay is home to a selection of giant clams as well as sea cucumbers that can be found on the sandy floors. Bommies, soft and hard corals cover the edges of the reef. You’ll find most small reef fishes live in staghorn thickets. Divers can also find some sweetlip, barramundi cod and trout swimming by the bay.

Sudbury Reef

A short distance from our Cairns holiday accommodation, beginners as well as experienced divers can certainly enjoy snorkelling and all around scuba diving in Sudbury Reef. The reef also home to a wide variety of corals such as vase and tree corals. Scuba divers will surely be delighted to see some sea whips, large sea fans, scribble angelfish, sweetlips as well as schools of batfish.

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